Qualitative descriptive research on the level of use of the digital workplace by local health managers in France

By Loïc Martin

As society faces up to the digital age, healthcare professionals must also adapt to this shift in line with the digital ambitions of the healthcare field.
On reviewing the literature on the notions of use, practice, and adoption of digital technology, it is apparent that in France, compared to other countries, little data is available on the managerial practice of local health managers.
The objective of this study was to measure the level of use and adoption of the digital workplace (DW) among these managers and to identify the factors influencing this use.
This qualitative descriptive research was based on thirty semi-structured interviews conducted in France, in Normandy.
The results, based on a categorical analysis, revealed a basic use of digital tools. Likewise, the level of adoption and mastery of these tools remained at a basic training level. The main factors that impact this phenomenon are technological, strategic, and related to the training and support policy in place. Managers do not operate in a DW. They are engaged in a process of instrumentation and instead operate within a computerized workplace. This level of use does not depend solely on an ontosystemic analysis of the manager in question. Emphasis should be given to ecosystemic reflections, centered on strategies for the rapid implementation of a contemporary digital culture.

  • health managers
  • digital workplace
  • use
  • digital health
  • IT
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