Training nurses to assess suicide risk: A literature review and perspectives for advanced practice nursing

By Romain Perot, Cécile Bergot, Dominique Silliau, Raphaël Gourevitch, Alexandra Pham-Scottez

Context: Nurses are regularly confronted with suicidal people. Their involvement is essential in the detection and prevention of suicide risk.
Objectives: Through a literature review, we wanted to highlight the role of the advanced practice nurse by conducting specific training to improve nursing skills in the management of people with suicidal thoughts.
Method: Our literature review was carried out using several databases, according to the PRISMA recommendation criteria.
Results: The review showed an improvement in confidence, attitudes, and nursing skills in assessing suicide risk. However, no long-term change in practice was demonstrated.
Discussion: In France, a national training program on suicide risk prevention is implemented at the regional level by the Regional Health Agencies. At the same time, since 2019, Psychiatry and Mental Health has been part of the training program for advanced practice nurses.
Conclusion: The advanced practice nurse is a central player in helping teams to develop their skills, particularly when conducting specific training.

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